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Vladimir Puton

X-KGB Mind Reader, Vladimir Puton, has adapted his super human skills to put together an amazing and incredibly funny mind reading show for audiences across the UK. This act will have your guests rolling in the aisles.

  • From £550.00
  • Themed cabaret style comedy act
  • Mind reading artists
  • 45min & 75min stage show options
  • Small vocal PA included
  • Close up / table magic option
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  • 45min cabaret show as standard
  • Small vocal PA included as standard
  • 75min extended show option
  • Close up / table magic add-on option
  • Larger PA options
  • Option to add an accordion player for authenticity and atmosphere
  • Option to add the Duscha's Kitty Kat Dolls (dancers)
  • Themed comedy mind reading act
  • Table & close-up magician
  • Accordion player (option)
  • Russian cabaret style dancers (option)
  • Jodie Cole, Managing Director of JC Social Media

    I went to see Joe's hilarious Vladimir Puton; KGB mind reader show in Birmingham and laughed the whole night. Creative, clever, intuitive and really really funny. I would recommend a night of Vladimir to anyone.

  • Sara Wood, Events Manager of Jumar Solutions Limited

    I've seen Vladimir a couple of times now and intend to be seeing him many more times as he has something new to offer in every show. He is a very talented entertainer and I can guarantee that not only will you be in hysterics for the entire show, you will spend the rest of your days wondering how on earth he did his tricks!

  • Susan Grant, Accountant Partner of ML Lashford & Co.

    This will be a show not to miss. I first saw Vladimir last year and was totally in awe. Even my children are often asking about seeing him again, and they are teenagers! I can't recommend the show enough. All I can say is be there, because if you are not, you will wish you had been.

  • Sophie Anderton

    You are incredibly talented and I don't know how the hell you did that!


The Vladimir Puton comedy mind reading show is highly original. It’s an engaging and utterly hilarious show, revolving around the fictional character of Vladimir Puton – an ex Russian KGB agent – who has honed his super human skills over the years but now finds himself out of work and so he has decided to adapt these unique skills to cabaret style stage show. Vladimir does amazing and in-explainable mind feats that audiences just love. He incorporates magic, illusion and mind reading, all cleverly packaged together with lots of comedy and plenty of innocent audience interaction, to add even more fun factor.

As part of the package, Vladimir can also offer sets of close up or table magic, where he is dressed in full uniform and in character the whole time. Understandably, Vladimir is incredibly popular as a wedding magician with a difference and is the ideal choice for corporate entertainment during drinks receptions or for the breaks between dinner courses. Vladimir is based in Birmingham, West Midlands but frequently travels UK wide, as well as abroad.

Vladimir's act features....

"Love Connection" : showing the Luv, "In a Word" Vladimir's trouble free cure for loneliness

"Showbiz Name" : A mind boggling act where you learn how Vladimir improved his English through "psychic" KGB mind power (unexplainable)

"I Spy with my Little Closed Eye" : Your sides will split; when Vladimir chooses someone to be his next Apprentice and puts him or her through the paces into becoming the next X-KGB Mind Reader. Audience members will be baffled as they actually perform mind reading tricks on each other!

While audience interaction is key to this show, no one is ever forced to do anything they don't want to. Vladimir's act can also feature the world famous and rather hilarious "Electric Chair" routine (Russian Style) and then there are three versions of "Russian Roulette" and none of them include a gun!

To add a little more pizzazz to the show, why not consider adding the fabulous Duscha's Kitty Kat Dolls to the proceedings? The talented and lovely Duscha's Kitty Kat Dolls add a touch of glamour with their choreographed dance routines and they really are the perfect complement to the Vladimir Puton; X-KGB Mind Reader Act! The dolls join in with all the onstage antics with Vladimir while providing Russian techno style dancing to make the event a true Variety Cabaret experience.

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