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Terms & Conditions

Below are our standard booking terms & conditions.... 


  • “the Contract” – the booking confirmation
  • “The Artiste” – the name of the artist or band being engaged for the event
  • “the Client(s)” – the name of the person(s) and, where applicaple, company confirming the booking
  • “the Engagement” – the performance engagement detailed in full on the contract


  1. A contract represents written confirmation of a verbal agreement between The Artiste and The Client.
  2. The Client and The Artiste warrant that no previous contract exists that may prevent this contract from being fulfilled and that no future contract will be entered into from the date of this contract to coincide with the dates on this contract.


  1. The venue and the artiste are required to hold the appropriate Public Liability Insurance covering the Engagement date and hold current electrical PAT testing documentation where applicable. Band to please be advised that the Musicians Union (MU) have stated that a single Musicians Union policy will only provide cover for the MU member performing as a solo artist. It does NOT provide cover for the other band members, or crew. The MU advise that they will not provide PLI cover for a band unless all band members and crew also carry MU policies. Act Sharp recommend that our bands take out a full band PLI policy with an independent and reputable insurer instead, as this would provide a more tailored product and would cost significantly less than taking out multiple MU memberships.


  1. All Act Sharp contracts are subject to the terms and conditions detailed here. Failure of The Client to adhere to the terms detailed therein constitutes a breach of contract and may result in claims for damages by The Artiste.
  2. The Artiste offers an assurance that he/she and all supporting artistes, technical crew and other associates, will conduct themselves in a responsible and professional manner at all times, with due regard to the venue rules and regulations.


  1. Cancellation of the contract by the client must be made in writing clearly stating reason for such action. In such circumstance any deposit made may not be refunded.
  2. If this contract is cancelled by the client with less than 60 days notice prior to the engagement, 50% of the total fee will be payable to the artiste within 30 days of the notice having been given. If cancellation of this contract is made by the client with less than 30 days notice the full fee will be payable to the artiste within 14 days of the notice having been given.
  3. The Artiste cannot be held responsible for non-fulfilment of contract due to the following reasons:- Act of God, War, Natural causes, Riot or any other reason beyond the control of the Artiste
  4. Ill health rendering performance by the Artiste impossible or unreasonable will result in no fee being charged to the client and any deposit paid will be refunded.
  5. The Client may prohibit the whole or part of the Artistes performance as they see fit, providing the artiste is paid in full.


In the event of illness or other legitimate cause resulting in a band member being rendered unavailable for the event, the following provisions shall prevail. The word “illness” shall mean and include any bodily or mental infirmity.

  • The band will firstly endeavour to substitute the band member with an artist of equal standing, talent and experience to the individual being replaced.
  • In the event that they are unable to find a suitable substitute and the Artiste is still unable to perform, the Artiste shall notify Act Sharp immediately.
  • In the event that the Artiste is unable to honour the contract, the Agent will then endeavour to find a suitable replacement act to fulfil the contract (subject to the Clients approval)


If the Artiste fails to perform at the Engagement, through illness (certified as above) or accident beyond the Artistes control and the agent is unable to recommend a suitable alternative act (subject to The Clients approval) the client shall not be obliged to pay the Artiste’s fee in respect of the engagement and any deposit paid will be refunded to the client in full.

With due regard to the clients requirements, providing the artist has made all reasonable effort to gain access to the stage area and to set up their equipment, if the artist is unable to perform due to access restrictions or any health and safety issues that may arise at the venue, the Artiste is still entitled to be paid in full.


  1. The Client must ensure the artist has a staging area that is of safe and solid construction, it must be flat and of a minimum size which is no smaller than that stipulated on the contract, with height clearance from stage floor to ceiling of at least 8ft. It must also have a safe means of access (i.e steps provided for raised stages). If the event is taking place outdoors, the Client must ensure the artist and their equipment are provided with suitable cover and that they have access to a safe power supply.
  2. Provision of a power supply with a total of 32A, 230 volts, single phase AC, with a minimum of 4 x 13A or 16A sockets, positioned on or within 15 ft of the stage. This circuit, phase or ring main must be for the sole use of the artist at time of performance and not shared at any time with DJ’s, domestic or catering/bar equipment. The supply must be properly regulated and grounded in accordance with all current electrical regulations. The artist may inspect the power supply before setting up and reserve the right to cancel the performance if the electrical system does not meet the above specification or adhere to current health and safety regulations.
  3. In the event of unruly, offensive or threatening behaviour from any individual, towards the artiste, crew, or property owned by the Artiste, the Artiste is entitled to cease performing and still be paid in full.