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Need a mobile band for a product launch or sports event?


Trying to find a mobile band that can perform outdoors without amplification and still manage to draw a crowd can be extremely difficult. A string quartet or acoustic guitarist might be ideal if its for a small private function but as soon as you start to upscale to a shopping centre opening or a sports venue with thousands of fans milling about then, you have a problem! The band needs to be mobile in order to mingle with the crowd so you can't have large heavy instruments or be tied down with cables. Some bands use expensive (often antique) wooden instruments and will not play outdoors unless its dry and what ever you go for, it has to be loud enough to be heard over the ambient noise.

Here are a few inspirational ideas that work incredibly well at large outdoor events....


A young and energetic team with a modern take on what a brass band should be. The band have cleverly adapted some fantastic rock and pop hits and injected bags of fun in the process.

Booking options include everything from a 5 piece, right up to a 10 piece, which includes a fabulous and funky vocalist if required.

For more information, including a full repertoire, please visit the Brass Attack profile page


How about a unique busking style band with some rather hilarious interpretations of a popular rock & indie based repertoire? Rusted nails are consummate performers with a real talent for engaging their audiences and turning heads wherever they go.

The band are available both as a popular stage act for parties and functions and a mobile busking style band with a small portable PA for added oomph!

For more information, including a full repertoire, please visit the Rusted Nails profile page - Rusted Nails profile page


Perhaps something a little different, like a mobile steel band? This entertaining trio have to be the perfect choice for outdoor entertainment on a warm sunny day.

Booking options include small pan's that can be worn with a strap around the neck for added mobility

For more information, including a full repertoire, please visit the Island Boys Steel Band profile page - Island Boys Steel Band profile page

Dont forget, we also have a fantastic collection of roaming cirque type acts from stilt walkers, jugglers, fire & glow performers, hoop and cyr performers, free standing silk, rope and trapeze acts, contortionists and even aerial violinists and aerial bar staff. For more details, try searching for Cirque performers in the Advanced Search menu or watch this space for another 'In the Spotlight' blog with some hints and tips on what to look out for when hiring a quality cirque act.