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Acoustic entertainment – So what’s new?


Live acoustic music can add a touch of class to any event but picking the right kind of acoustic music to suit the type of event, the time of day and the makeup of the audience can often be a daunting challenge and string quartets or harpists aren’t to everyone’s taste, or even appropriate in some cases.

Traditionally, acoustic music is considered the ideal accompaniment for a wedding ceremony, drinks reception or a sit down meal as it can be very atmospheric and usually fairly unobtrusive but what’s the alternative to a string quartet, harpist, pianist or a classical guitarist?

Also, an acoustic act doesn’t have to be laid back either. There are a number of much more up-tempo acoustic style options available for parties and evening receptions. This is not as surprising as you might think, especially when you consider the fact that many venues are now having to take steps to enforce noise restriction measures to meet local council edicts and that, in some cases, this can even restrict the use of amplified music. Failure to meet council guidelines can result in the venue losing its music license so it’s quite a serious issue for them. To meet council stipulations, a venue can use sound limiter devices (a device that monitors noise levels and trips the mains power if the noise level exceeds guidelines. See our blog article on Sound Limiters for more information), or they can adopt a blanket approach by completely banning any amplified music altogether.

Most venues will allow limited amplifications (for DJ’s, singers and maybe an acoustic guitarist for example) and the wonderful thing about most modern acoustic ensembles is that they don’t rely heavily on amplification. We've taken the liberty of breaking down a number of acoustic acts into their respective categories for you below...

Modern solo/duo acoustic guitarists and vocalists (with a contemporary repertoire)

Live Band Entertainment

Uptempo Acoustic & vocal Duos

Live Band Entertainment

Uptempo Acoustic ensembles

Live Band Entertainment

Classic acoustic artists

Live Band Entertainment

We hope that these simple categories will demonstrate the level of diversity of acoustic options available and also provide some inspirational ideas for your special day.

To discuss any of these options in more details or to check availability and get a quote for any of the artists in this list, please call 08000 285 284 or drop us an email to [email protected]