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Upcoming Events at Twickenham Stadium - May 2015


We're expecting one heck of a busy year over at Twickenham this year as the wonderful madness of World Club Rugby descends upon us and Act Sharp will be right there, in the thick of it all, providing the very best in live entertainment as usual! It's amazing to think that we've been there at every big international rugby match at Twickenham Stadium for the past 3 years and it just NEVER gets boring!!! I'm guessing it was a bit of an experiment at first as we were initially asked to provide a little post match entertainment for the Scrum Bar, where I gather they previously used to have a karaoke DJ who was fairly popular.

How could anyone have possibly predicted the success? At the time, we didn't know if fans would even stick around after a match and then there was the question of what kind of music the bands should play? We tried out a few ideas at the start and while it was clear that all our bands were going down rather well, it was clear that rock & pop was definitely the way to go! In hindsight, I'd say we'd hit on a winning formula but most of the credit really has to go to our amazingly talented and hardworking bands and sound teams. So we've now been there for every RBS 6 Nations, London Sevens, Aviva Premiership, London Double Header, QBE International, Big Game 6 and Barbarians match ever since.

They're rather a resilient bunch our bands really! Imagine being totally surrounded by thousands of rugby fans, pressed up close and still pulling off an awesome '3hr' set. Can't imagine it no? Well, maybe this might help! Here's a live clip of The Indiestructibles band playing a classic Coldplay number.....

The Indiestructibles at Twickenham Stadium from Act Sharp Entertainments on Vimeo.

So, here we are, three years later as the exclusive supplier for all Twickenham international match events. We now supply bands for the Scrum Bar, The Ruck & Maul Bar and also within the West Car park (in among the sponsors within the fan village) and for those die-hard Karaoke fans, we've been supplying Karaoke DJ's for the Drop Kick Bar for almost as long, so no need to feel left out! Our young DJ's - Keygan, Jon and Aaron - are very talented and really know how to work a crowd. They also deliver just the right amount of cheek to keep everyone smiling.

So what's next? Well, the month of May will be ridiculously busy of course! Firstly, we've got the European Rugby Cup Final coming up on 2nd May. The Kingpins will be rocking up in the Scrum Bar and DJ Keygan will be holding his own in the Drop Kick. Then on the 16th May we have the first day of a two day Marriott London Sevens event. Here, we have The Indiestructibles holding the Fort in the Scrum Bar and Ind'ulgence turning up the heat in the Ruck & Maul Bar. On the 17th May (Day two of the Marriott London Sevens) we have Alvin & The Hip Monks taking over the reins in the Scrum Bar.

Then, at the end of the month we have the Aviva Premiership on the 30th May. The Indiestructibles will be captivating folks as usual in the Scrum Bar and we have a funky little number in the Ruck & Maul Bar by the name of The Klick Starts. DJ Aaron will also be taking liberties with folks in the Drop Kick so make sure you bring your best singing voices! Of course, it's best to pace yourselves because we're back again the next day covering the England v Barbarians match on the 31st May. This time, we have The Roller Coasters in the Scrum bar and the Stir Crazy Band wooing audiences in the Ruck & Maul. DJ Jon will be in the drivers seat in the Drop Kick, so hold on to your hats and remember to bring some ear plugs if your the delicate type.

That's the month of May covered for now folks but I promise I'll keep everyone updated on all upcoming Twickenham events as soon as we have more details on dates and band allocations. In the mean time, for those of you attending the matches in May, here's a little taster of things to come....

The Kingpins

The Kingpins - live promo from Act Sharp Entertainments on Vimeo.

The Indiestructibles

The Indiestructibles - Hysteria cover from Act Sharp Entertainments on Vimeo.


Ind'ulgence - Sex on fire cover from Act Sharp Entertainments on Vimeo.

Alvin & the Hip Monks

Alvin & the Hip Monks medley from Act Sharp Entertainments on Vimeo.

The Klick Starts

Klick Starts - Don't upset the Rhythm cover from Act Sharp Entertainments on Vimeo.

Stir Crazy

Stir Crazy - live medley 1 from Act Sharp Entertainments on Vimeo.